Adventurous Activities


How to get a Permit

The scheme is comprehensively documented on ScoutBase. Read FS 120100 first.

It is important to have read the relevant information on ScoutBase before submitting an application form.

Applicants should submit an application to Keith Hampson our ACC Activities, it does not necessarily have to go via your DC. The ACC will forward it to an assessor, the assessor will then contact the applicant and the assessment form will be competed after assessment. The application form and the assessment form will then be sent by the assessor back to the ACC who will enter it on the county activities & national database and then return the assessment report to your DC with a permit card. The DC will then interview the applicant and issue the permit.

Should the applicant have been assessed by an assessor from outside the county the application form and assessment form still need to be sent to the ACC for the details to be entered on the county & national database.

Links to assessor checklists.


updated 22-10-2010